7 Ways of Learning to Communicate Effectively

What would life be without communication? A life where human beings have no voice, can’t use facial expressions, alphabets or body language. Our lives would be very complicated, and we wouldn’t achieve the significant achievements we’ve made so far.  Effective communication skills are essential to achieving and maintaining success in our lives. Most of the time, we become frustrated due to misunderstandings in our relationships because we don’t know how to communicate in the right way. Communication is a two-way process, so effective communication depends on how you receive and send messages.

Ways of communicatively effectively:

Learn to listen

Learning to communicate begins with listening, which is not the same as hearing. Learn to listen not only to the words being spoken but also how they are being spoken and read nonverbal messages to understand. The most efficient way of learning to listen is by using the techniques of clarification and reflection. Always take the time to listen first before you start thinking about what you should say.

Consider other people’s emotions

When talking to other people, you need to assess their emotions first and know what is going on in their lives. If someone has made positive achievements, congratulate them and if they have suffered misfortunes, be sympathetic with them. Whatever you say to them will have an emotional effect on them.


Learning to appreciate other people’s achievements and offering encouragement is essential for effective communication. Anytime you communicate with other people, make them feel welcome, valued, wanted and appreciated. Once people realize that you value them, they’ll also reciprocate the same through communication.


As much as you think that your opinion is better than other people’s, try not to be bias or judgmental about other people’s ideas and beliefs. Instead, you should also view situations from other people’s point of view.

Treat everyone equally

At times we tend to patronize other people when communicating. The worst thing you can do is talking about other people behind their backs and favoring others. Ensure that your audience understands what you have said by encouraging open and honest feedback from them.

Minimize stress

Stress is one of the main impediments to effective communication, and you might end up saying things you’ll regret later. Before you communicate, you should try to remain calm and focused so that you can have time to think about what you want to say.

Refrain from complaining unnecessarily

A majority of people don’t like spending time with individuals who are always complaining, learn to appreciate the positive aspects of a situation and only criticize where necessary. People will appreciate your opinions when they know that you are a reasonable person.

Best Places To Meet New People

The only good thing that can come out of you trying to meet people is that you will be able to increase your own knowledge, get companionship, and while at the same time dispel any problems that you might have in your life. The one solution that you need to understand is that you need to meet up with new people in order to increase your own social circle, and at the same time understand the problems plaguing the society. Of course, there is precious little that you can do to help, but it is always important to remain informed about the situation.

With that in mind, there are certain places that you could possibly visit in order to make new friends. They are;

  • Social and spiritual organizations: – When you meet new people in your church congregation, or in your spiritual and social organizations like the Rotary club, you are definitely going to come across lasting friendships with like-minded people. These are places wherein people come to display a certain amount of likeliness for a common goal, and therefore you already know about the things that you could possibly talk about in order to progress the conversation forward.
  • Workshops: The other place that you can meet people with like-minded interest as yours is in workshops. Workshops are typically held by experts about a certain hobby or a trade like stock market workshops or even pottery classes. So, you would have a common topic to talk about, discuss ideas and ideals while at the same time exchange notes about how you can take your own talent forward. There are a lot of instances in which people that have met in workshops have actually ended up in a romantic relationship, and taken that relationship further by getting married.
  • Cultural events: The one sure shot method of meeting new people is to find yourself visiting cultural events pretty frequently. These are places where in you can end up striking a conversation with anybody, and not have to worry about any kind of rejection or any other impending problems. The cultural events that you find in your vicinity would be a wonderful thing for you to think about, particularly when there is a lot of interest in people maintaining their own cultural heritage and integrity.
  • Running, jogging or physical exercises: There are a lot of people that have a common goal which is to take care of their body. This is the reason why most of the people take to jogging or running through parks and other places are in the morning. It would also go for exercises the gymnasium during a certain part of the day. So, one can honestly say that such kind of exercises helps you to come close to the people that work out along with you every day. You get to understand the benefits of talking with them, sharing tips, and also taking great pride in getting your body in shape.

Best Ways To Make A Positive Impression When Meeting People Online

Most people overthink when talking to individuals for the first time. They feel that they would be compelled to make a positive impression, so much so that their life depends upon it. However, one of the good things about people not giving a lot of interest on making a positive impression is that they can remain natural. Of course, having a positive impression on the person you are meeting for the first time is a wonderful thought, and will definitely carry the relationship forward. However, simply trying to put up a fake personality is not going to cut it for a long time.

Therefore, when you are meeting people online, the first thing that you need to do is to put forward a very honest portfolio of yourself. In this profile, you need to share all the important events that you consider to be bearing some sort of significance in your life. You can share your hobbies, ambitions, and what you seek out of a relationship. Of course, this profile may not be in your dating website, but it would also be in your social media profile as well. When people meet you for the first time, it is important that they get to know the true you. If they accept who you are, then you can easily make a positive impression upon them.

When putting up pictures in your social media profile, always include the ones that have a clear, and does not have a lot of stuff in the background. A clear-cut image always goes a long way into helping people know more about you and get a positive impression from your picture itself. Of course, this may seem to be a very shallow train of thought, but that is how the world, particularly our society has been progressing.

When meeting people online for the first time, always try and put your best compliments forward. Showering the other person with compliments is not good, but maintain a healthy ratio between having a wonderful chat and complementing the other person for talking with you. One of the good things about complementing the other is that it does not cost you any money. However, that complement may end up making the day for that person. So, do not think twice about complementing someone, particularly online when the other person cannot see you.

If possible, always maintain a sense of decorum while talking to somebody else. As an individual, it is very important for you to remember and understand that you need to maintain the tone of the conversation to be very informal, particularly when you haven’t met the other person. However, do not seek out favors or any sort of compliments from the other person. You need to let the other person know that you are genuinely approachable, and not somebody looking out for themselves. Making a positive impression online is not that hard a task, but you have got to be pretty careful about everything on your plate.